New Business is the life-blood of every agency on the planet.

New Business fuels the long-term success of any agency. If you cannot convince new clients and defend existing ones you will not be able to achieve sustainable growth.



But New Business is hard candy. Resources are always under pressure. Your teams are more than busy servicing existing clients. And the urgent always takes precedent before the necessary.


The result is that New Business suffers. Prospecting does not always receive the attention it should get. Pitch teams don't always receive the support they need to deliver outstanding quality. And when two or more pitches happen at the same time it all goes awry.


New Biz Wiz is here to help!
New Biz Wiz provides professional support for your prospecting.
New Biz Wiz helps your teams to deliver the best possible pitch.
New Biz Wiz is New Business Magic – when you need it most.


The New Biz Wiz Offer:

Professional prospecting:

  1. Prospecting workshops:
    - Target prioritization
    - Development of a contact strategy
  2. Activation of contact strategy
    - Content development
    - Contact calendar
    - Contacting


  1. Development of a pitch strategy
    - in collaboration with the pitch team or via strategic support
  2. Development of pitch ideas
    - moderation of ideation workshops or idea development
  3. Pitch deck and pitch story
    - Spin-doctor for existing decks or development of strawman decks
  4. Presentation coaching
    - one-day or multiple



  • 28 years of agency experience, 20 years as Chief Strategy Officer
  • Participated in more than 100 pitches, of those ca. 50% international
  • +50% conversion
  • Pitch lead on more than 20 large, international pitches
  • Storytelling
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